Honor Killing

Nowadays honor killing has become the part of every news paper. Generally the local news of the city  appears on the third page of the news paper. Almost every day, news about honor killing is published in dailies. Some time it becomes the part of the front page. The question arises what is the meaning of ‘honor killing’. When a member of a family is killed by other (generally males) members of the family; considering that the victim has dishonored the family. In this killing, females of the family also consent to the brutal act. There are many reasons of honor killing but love marriage is the commonest one.

People say they live in advanced society and have modern thoughts. When some such thing happens, like love marriage, in their own family they forget all modern thoughts at that time. They lose their temper and go in to the state of madness. Under madness they forget the consequences of murder as ‘honor killing’ also comes in the category of murder. Indian penal code does not permit them for it. The culprit of ‘honor killing’ ruined the whole family and is the real person who has dishonored the family.

A girl, lived in Pitam Pura Delhi, wanted to marry a boy of other cast as they fell in love with each other. When it was heard by the father of the girl he lost his control over his mind and called the boy in a market place where he shot at him. Unfortunately the girl came between them and got the shot of the bullet. She died on the spot. The police arrested the culprit and sent him to jail. See the condition of the family in the present situation. A brother and a mother of the girl were left in the family. Their earning source is finished and the savings are spending in legal formalities of the case. No relative, neighbor and friend is ready to talk to them. Practically they are socially boycotted. Where have their honor gone? If he had not killed her he would not have gone to jail. If the marriage ceremony had been solemnized peacefully no body would have boycotted them. Now the future of the family is dark forever.

There are about five thousand cases of ‘honor killing’ happening every year in the world. It happens in every country but I think India leads in it. This figure is for the reported cases. The cases which are not reported may be higher than the reported ones.

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