Inflation of Auto-Rickshaw Fares

The Govt. of Delhi has announced to inflate the Auto-Rickshaw fares. It will be increased by 30 to 40%. It will be implemented after the notification. These fares are increased as the cost of the fuel, petrol, diesel and CNG, has been increased. So it is justified for people belong to Auto-Rickshaw but on the other side it is an additional burden on the pocket of those who use it. The Transport Mister of Delhi, Arvinder Singh lovely announced that Auto-Rickshaw driver would use correct and functional fare meter. They will not refuse to go where the passenger wants and behave properly with him. ‘Functional fare meter, good behaviour of the driver and no refusal to go,’ these three conditions that are imposed over the drivers will be the part of their services. Why did the Minister announce these conditions which seem to be difficult to be fulfilled?  These conditions look as if the Minister has put salt on the wound of the public. The people are not as foolish as he seems to think of them. The Minister said whether any Auto was found running without meter would face consequences. Last time when the fare was hiked the then Minister also promised the same but in vain.

He announced one more thing that is installation of GPS system in every Auto-Rickshaw. I can’t under stand the use of GPS in it except to add burden on the drivers and to show that our Auto are also hi-tech. The drivers of Delhi are well aware of its roads.

If the Govt. is really interested to upgrade the city it should first improve the behaviour of the drivers that is really horrible. People who have faced it know the truth. The drivers should be groomed so that they look like gentlemen.

The Minister said that the hiking of fares was justified as in the past it was hiked in 2007.

The Govt. should improve its public transport system so that it becomes the life line of Delhi. Dependency on the private and personal transport shows the inefficiency of the Govt. and it increases the congestion on the roads as well as pollution in the city.

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