Indian and Tourist

I sent my assistant to buy a news paper, evening edition today. He handed me over an evening paper costing Rupees two per copy. There was two pieces of news on the front page, as one related to rape and other related to suicide of an Indian model cum film heroine. The rape news was concerned with a foreign lady tourist of Netherland.  The head line of the news was this: an Indian guide raped a foreigner who visited India as a tourist. The detail was like this. A girl, named Nicolus (name changed) visited India and stayed in a hotel at Pahar Ganj area in Delhi. She used to go to Janpath where a young man, named Yasir met her. He worked as a tourist guide in Delhi. Some time he sold some products at Janpath. Gradually both became friends. Yasir showed her many tourist attraction points in Delhi. He also used to go to her hotel. After some time their friend ship had been converted into intimate relations. Their time was passing happily but one day there was a quarrel between them what ever the reason.

After that the tourist lodged a complaint with the police about her rape against Yasir. The police took the girl to the hospital to get her medical examination. The result of the medical examination was not mentioned in the news. The police arrested the alleged Yasir, the young man.

There were two points highlighted in the case. First was quite clear as she was raped by the alleged man. The second point was that they were friends and had amicable physical relations continuously in the past. The moment any body who reads such headline may feel ashamed and will think that Indians are uncultured, wild and criminal people. On the other side of the coin we should try to see deeply that Indians are actually down trodden people. If any foreigner says some thing and it is taken correct as granted is a wrong attitude of our government. Indians are treated as if they are not human beings every where whether it is their own country or the other. It is no use of saying India as a biggest democratic country when its citizens are treated as third grade people every where.

Our government should improve its moral at every front and behave with its citizens like human beings. Indian citizens should also enhance their moral values and shouldn’t do any unlawful act with which India’s head bows down with shame. The Govt. should treat every person whether Indian or foreigner equally and culprit must be punished at the earliest possible.

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