Kali Bichromicum and Homeopathy

Kali Bichromicum is a medicine that belongs to kali group as the name itself suggests. Kali Bich acts chiefly on the mucous membrane of nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea and mouth etc, so that there is mucus catarrh. The mucus discharges is tough, stringy and adhere to mucus membrane. It comes out of the mouth in strings and is difficult to remove. It causes ulcers in the mouth and that are punch like. The edges of the ulcers are smooth. They seem to be syphilitic or may be of different variety but Kali Bich has a power to cure such ulcers. It may form ulcer on the soft palate as if it has eaten up the whole palate. It can cause and cure such peculiar type of ulcers.  Even it can produce deposits on the pharynx and is good in diphtheria   and pseudo diphtheritic membrane.

There is pain at the root of the nose. The nasal secretions are green in color and ropy in character. It produces clinkers and slug in the nose. It is good in croups also.

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