Dengue this year and Delhi

Dengue is one type of fevers that is caused by a special variety of mosquito bites. Mosquitoes also have male and female genders. Both genders of mosquitoes bite human beings but in case of dengue, female mosquito bites human being. This mosquito lives in clean water and has one more peculiarity that it bites in day time only. It injects dengue virus in to human being where it again multiplies and causes fever that has peculiar symptoms. Some times its symptoms are so marked that the case is diagnosed easily with out the need of pathological investigations. Dengue fever is prevalent during and after monsoon that generally starts in the month of July and ends in September but this time a case of it has been reported before monsoon as per the news paper statement.

In this way Dengue has knocked at the door of Delhi. Surabhi Sinha is the first victim of Dengue in this season and is being treated in Mool Chand hospital. She is a resident of Satya Niketan at Dhaula Kuan in Delhi. She had high fever and after two or three days developed rashes on all over the body, therefore she was admitted to the hospital where is diagnosed and being treated. According to the treating doctor Dengue is confirmed as her Dengue serology report is positive. Platelets count has also gone down from normal. Doctor said it is a classical case of Dengue and tests have confirmed it although the report has not been sent to MCD. The patient is recovering fast so that hopefully would be discharged from the hospital by Monday and the report be sent to MCD on the same day.

It is also said that one more case of suspected Dengue was admitted here. Dr. N R Das, a health officer Malaria and Dengue in MCD said that no case of Dengue has been reported yet here in this season and would enquire personally about the Mool Chand case on Monday. The month of June is used to prevent Dengue in the country and public is made aware of it before the monsoon commences. Such awareness program is being organized and a meeting in this regard was called on Saturday, 26th June in which ordinary people, members of RWAs, health officers and members of NGOs participated.

There is a lot of panic among public regarding this disease though it is a simple viral fever in which a patient gets many symptoms like high fever, pain in bones and some time rashes on the body. Occasionally patient may get hemorrhage that is the only dreaded condition where special care and hospitalization is required for platelets transfusion if it is required. Hemorrhage occurring in Dengue is called Dengue Hemorrhagic.

If people are well acquainted with Dengue they would take it carefully but not with panic. People need assurance that when their patient requires hospital support, bed for him is definitely available. This surety can only reduce the fear among people. Many people under anxious state rush to the nearby tiny nursing homes some of which even do malpractice and don’t have adequate facilities to treat such disease. Instead of going to hospital or nursing home the patient should be regularly in touch with his family physician so that he would guide him in time.

Dengue is also well described in Homeopathy and it has many well –proved remedies. Belladonna, Arsenic Alb, Bryonia, Gelsemium, and Eupatorium Perf are the main remedies for Dengue in Homeopathy. Out of which Eupatorium Perf has a typical Dengue like drug picture so that it would be called specific for Dengue. These Homeopathic medicines can be used successfully in the treatment of Dengu.