The thoughts of a patient

Today a man, aged by experience, hair as well as by days of his life telephoned me in the morning about quarter to nine today. He explained his complaint partly on phone as I interrupted him in between his talk. Then he said he is ready to come to my office so wants to visit me in five minutes as he lives near my office. I reminded him about my consultation time. I told him that the consultation time starts at 9.30 in the morning so he might come at that time or after it though I sit in my office from 8, o’ clock in the morning. I along with my some colleague do some academic work from 8 am to 9.30 am. He also knew it so that he wanted to come to my office before time without realizing that we would be disturbed from his arrival even though not having any acute emergency for which he needs immediate attention. Again he tried to convince me for his early visit at my treatment center. He said emotionally as he wanted to black mail me that a patient can visit doctor at any time when he feels. I again refused him politely but in hard tone to visit me before time.

I had so many points in my mind at that time but I had not shared them with him. If I had told him those of my thoughts he would have been annoyed, hearing the truth of life and his selfishness. The thoughts that were in my mind were as follows. There are some norms which are prevalent in the society about medical practice. If you want to consult a doctor you are to pay him his fees. If you want to see him at odd times you must offer him some additional fees that are equally necessary. Some people e whether rich or poor don’t want to pay doctor’s fees. They say to their doctor, ‘If any investigation is required to diagnose their ailment it can be advised and any costliest medicine which is necessary for their treatment be prescribed but you shouldn’t charge fees even if you want to take it, take as minimum as possible’

Let us come back to the old story. That is my old patient as he has visited my office five- six times though not very old client. Every time he tries to explain his complaints on telephone first and when comes to my clinic again wants to explain his suffering in detail and repeatedly. After taking the treatment he wants to do a lengthy gossip which is not justified at that time.

It is difficult for me to comment ‘who is correct I or he?’ You can share your comments on it that are also welcome.

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