Homeopathy works faster than a bullet!!!

Sunday is generally considered a holiday though many people work on the day and I also go to my office for half day in the morning and come back home at about 3 when the sun is also going to set in the west. Reaching home I feel relax with both body and mind. This Sunday also I did the same as usually I do except going to bed early. It was the rainy day too as there was a lot of humidity in the atmosphere so I turned on both the AC as well as fan on full speed and lay down on the bed reading a book. Soon I felt pain in my back, dullness and soreness in the body, therefore covered myself in summer quilt. After sometime, I also started feeling chill so I switched off the AC and again crept into the quilt. I was half asleep along with the same discomfort feeling in the body. As the condition was being worsened it was now confirmed that it was the attack of fever might be due to the assault of virus. Once I thought let me pass the night as it was but on the other side thought to take some medicine but I was unable to get up to take some medicine. The time was passing slowly; at last I decided to take some drug for the existing condition. I wasn’t in a position to take medicine myself so phoned Vibhu who was in the other room. He entered into my room without attending my call and asked about the call. I told him about my condition and requested to give me Aconite, the name of homeopathic drug. He went to the living room where the medicines are kept and came back with the medicine. He said that he found there ‘Aconite Napellus’ only. I said the drug that you found is correct as Aconite Napellus is the full name of Aconite. He gave me a dose of it even though I hadn’t opened my eyes to take the tablet. After medication, I began to feel a bit better and soon got a lot of relief though sleep was not sound. I felt heat in the body and sweating on the skin so I got up to start the AC on, went to bath room for watering and came back in the room after taking some sips of water; at that time it was 12.30 after midnight. I got up in the morning at 6 o’ clock though hadn’t had good sleep and pain in the back still persisted. In the morning I took a dose of ‘Sulphur 200’, a homeopathic remedy with a confidence that the attack wouldn’t return.

Aconite is such a valuable medicine for the above mentioned condition that it can control the viral fever in a few hours. It has the following symptoms: great restlessness, anxiety, sudden developing symptoms. There is a great thirst and fear of death. These are some main symptoms found in this remedy. It is a short acting remedy. I took Sulphur 200 in the morning to complete the cure and enhance the action of Aconite as former is an anti- psoric medicine.

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