Lac-Defloratum; Cow’s Milk; Homeopathy

Lac Defloratum is a homeopathic medicine prepared from skimmed milk. When butter is separated from cows or buffalows milk, remaining part of the milk is called skimmed milk. It is said that skimmed milk causes constipation but I don’t have experience about it. Even I hadn’t used it much as a medicine but with a few exceptions. This medicine is not in vogue though it has many definite symptoms and has got reputation in curing many diseases. Yesterday we studied Lac Caninum so in the series of milk related drugs we intended to study Lac Defloratum. When I opened Dr. Nash’s book on homeopathy I found only three lines written about Lac Defloratum. I told my colleagues in a light mood let’s study Lac – Def. in three lines but they couldn’t understand what I wanted to say to them. I showed them the book then they got me. In three lines he emphasized on the sick headache that starts from forehead and goes to occiput and there is copious clear urine. Dr Nagar said that it has peculiar constipation. I searched out Dr Tyelor’s hardback but it had no place there. After that I took Allen’s keynotes and opened it to study Lac Def. He gave it due respect in his manuscript.

Lac Def has a condition of dropsy caused by organic disease of heart, after scarlatina, Albuminuria, rheumatic disease, Liver trouble and its fatty degeneration.

It has peculiar constipation . In the keynotes of Allen, it is mentioned a case of a lady suffering from constipation for the last fifteen years. She used to take enema many times every day but in vain. She was cured of her problem with it. It can do many wonders if properly used.

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