Metro train track !!! cause of Dengue and Malaria in Delhi???

It has been raining for three days in Delhi and may be in NCR too. This rain shows that monsoon has arrived in North India though the metrological department has not declared it yet. People can declare it themselves just to see the weather condition but how the Met. Department does its work that only they know. No body else can’t understand their functioning style. When monsoon arrives in Delhi, it comes with gift of pleasure as well as with Pandora box of devils. The box has many water borne diseases, mosquito originated ailments and problem of water logging too that causes inconvenience and traffic jams.

The rain water stagnates in pits, on the roof of many buildings, empty containers lying unnoticed here and there. Water coolers are also a loveable place for Aedes to multiply its population. These are the good breeding places for mosquitoes as God provides them the virtue to increase their population in these waterlogged places. But we know that mosquitoes not only disturb our sleep but also bite us. Some mosquitoes bite can cause either only mild irritation or red mark on the skin but special variety of mosquitoes can cause men to suffer from either Malaria or Dengue etc. Malaria is caused by the bite of a female Anopheles mosquito and Dengue is from the bite of a mosquito called Aedes aegypti.

Aedes mosquito lives in clear water and bites men in day time only. Stagnated water, whether inside houses and offices or outside the dwellings, is the main desirable place for Aedes to live and to breed. Today, I was coming back home from my office in the afternoon for having my lunch as my routine when there was rain. On the way when I was going along the metro track I saw that rain water was draining down the metro track. A thought entered my mind, ‘When water is falling from the metro-track structure there is definite possibility of water logging between the structures.’ If it is so it will be the biggest hub of mosquito’s production and it happens just over the head of the concerned authority.

It should be properly investigated. If water logging is found there it should be dried up immediately so that mosquitoes can’t breed there. To prevent mosquito’s production is the only way to prevent Dengue.