“Octopus and people’s emotions; Astrology and India”

An Octopus has become the celebrity nowadays. One fine morning I got up and took the current news paper for reading that was lying on the table. The front page was filled with the news and photograph of the octopus. The octopus has made some predictions about the football game and that were proved correct. People have taken it hand in hand. If the prediction is correct obviously it will be in favor of the winning country. So that people of victorious country are happy with the octopus and sending it packets of gifts as well as boxes of food. In contrary people of defeated nation are annoyed with the octopus as it made the prediction against them. They are sending it threatening SMS and messages. They are emotionally very upset and even wish to kill it.

A large group of people in every realm want to know about their future through some calculations. This is their inner desire though some of them may deny accepting this fact publically. Many methods are used for this purpose. Parrots are used for making predictions. Ox which has some deformity or additional part lying on the body, are specially used for this purpose and the animal is called NANDI. Tarot cards are also popular for prophesying. These methods of forecast give answer in ‘yes or no’ only.

Astrology is also used for the same. In India, Nine planets, twelve Rashis and Nakshatras are used for astrological calculations. The time when a child is born, is used to make this guess work. Planetary positions are calculated on that particular time and a chart is prepared in which these nine planet’s positions are marked. With the help of this table different diagrams are made and used for prophesying. The person who does predictions is called astrologer. When a predictions is found correct the person concerned feels amused with the astrologer and recommends his name to his near and dear ones if they want to know about their future.

Astrology has become a big industry in India. Some seers are earning in lakhs every month but some of them are just hand to mouth. Some clairvoyant even blackmail innocent people particularly to women.

In homeopathy there are some medicines which act well on the patients who have some intuitive power. These medicines are given in mind section of the repertory though these medicines are used occasionally.

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