Ragging v/s emergency

It was my second year of the medical college when emergency was imposed on the country. In my days of college, ragging was like a compulsory part of the syllabus. In ragging, every new face has to cross the fire of teasing. Sometimes the devil of it obliges the student either to   quit the college or tolerate it. A few highly sensitive students sometimes commit suicide. We also faced it. In my college, there was a special type of tradition of ribbing. Only second year students did making fun of, third and final year students could watch it. If they did not rag new entrants properly, they were ragged by their seniors.

It was unfortunate for me not to rag my juniors when it was my turn of ragging and I felt bad. That time, every Indian was terrified with the horror of emergency. People who were in jail due to the bad effects of emergency saw days of slavery in independent India. Now I am mature enough to understand how badly people were tortured and crushed during the emergency. People still remember torturing of the emergency days. They try to forget it but are unable to do so.

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