Cow’s urine and me

One day a patient came to my office for treatment. A man who was a social worker and  friend of the patient accompanied him. The social worker knew something about naturopathy; he told me that cow’s urine has a power to cure diabetes. He emphasized on it so impressively that I also got some interest in his statement so I thought it can be tried on some diabetic patient but I couldn’t gather courage to advise it to any patient. The thought was still in my mind when I saw news in a news paper that cow’s water is being patented in America by some Indian organization and it was patented. Now I got another inspiration to experiment on it. Even then I was not daring to suggest to my any patient to take it as a medicine.

Mira a mild diabetic patient is not keen to take any medicine for diabetes as she has some whims that it can be prevented with ‘Yoga’ and walking. One day I advised her to take Cow’s water for diabetes. She said she can’t take it as just hearing this name may induce her vomiting. After that I didn’t persuade her again to take it.

One day I got my blood sugar tested myself. I tested it empty stomach and found mildly raised. When blood sugar is mildly raised you can try every thing to control it. So I thought I may take cow’s water to control this slightly raised blood sugar level. The thought kept creeping in my mind but was not implemented for several days. Gathering all my courage I told Vaibhav to buy cow’s water from a pharmacy. He said he would bring it up from the market. Next day he handed me over some drug used in diabetes. Seeing those pills I was annoyed with him as he didn’t fulfill my desire. He couldn’t understand why I was indignant.

Next day I bought it myself from a pharmacy and enquired about its dose from a physician who was sitting in the pharmacy. Today in the morning, I took a dose of it mixing in water as per the physician’s direction. Taking it I went to meet my  friends and came back home after one hour but still I had some strange sensation more in my mouth and stomach rather than in mind. I ordered my cook to make a cup of tea for me. I thought tea drinking might change my sensation but it didn’t help me. Even after passing seven hours I have the same sensation in my mouth, stomach and mind though I know it is not present in my stomach. Now I have no courage to take its second dose even if it could cure my diabetes.

PS: when you think some thing is ugly you can’t take it whether it is precious for you or not. There are so many things which you use as a food or medicine. If you know about their source of raw material and procedure of preparation you wouldn’t have them.

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