Husband, Wife and a Saint ??

A saint lived in the hills of Korea, it is an old story. Many people came to him to get some advices because they knew that the saint was not only quite intelligent but also full of wisdom. He was an expert of magic too. One day, a lady came to him and requested to help her to get back the affection and love of her husband. She said, ‘He loved a lot and also took care of me before going to a war. When he returned from the war after three years he was altogether a different one. Now he lives alone and quiet.’

The saint said, ‘It happened with him due to war.’

‘Every body says you prepare such a medicine which can arouse love and affection in a person who takes it,’ the lady said.

‘Yes,’ the saint said, ‘I can prepare such medicine but one important ingredient of that medicine is not available with me.’

‘What is the name of that ingredient,’ the lady asked. He said, ‘It is a hair of the moustaches of a lion.’ The lady went back promising to bring that. Next day, she went to a jungle in search of a lion and in the end it was seen. Seeing a lady the lion roared and the lady after being frightened came back home.

Next day, she again went there. Seeing her, the lion roared at her and she came back home. The same happened every day; the lion saw the lady and roared. But after some days, the lion stopped roaring at the lady as her presence was normal to it.

After that, she started taking some food for the lion. Some months had passed and it had mixed up with her. The moment she reached there it also came near her to take food.

One day the lady patted its back fearfully. After some times she began to touch and rub its neck as well as face too. One day, she plucked a hair of its moustaches cleverly and soon reached at the saint. She exclaimed with joy and said that she had got it at last.

‘Very good,’ the saint replied. The saint took the hair from her and threw it in to the fire.

‘What…have you done it?’ the lady retorted, stunned, ‘You promised me to make the magical remedy.’

‘You don’t require that magical drug now,’ the saint said, ‘you tell me how you won the affection of the lion— with patience and politeness. Isn’t it? Now, tell me, may a man even be inferior to a beast. Go and win the heart of your husband as you have won the confidence of the lion.’

She analyzed the words of the saint while going back home. With her patience and mildness she won her husbands love and affection and lived happily for ever.

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