Phytolacca –A homeopathy remedy

Phytolacca is a homeopathic remedy but there are two different medicines with the same first name viz. Phytolacca Decandara and Phytolacca Berry. I want to write some thing about Phytolacca Decandara so in the following paragraph if I use only one word Phytolacca it means I am saying something about Phytolacca Decandara. This is a medicine which has marked action on the glands like tonsils and mammary gland. Tonsils are swollen, red and painful. There is pin pointed pus appearing on the surface of the tonsils which coalesce latter on and forms the white patches. Pain radiates to ears either one side or both. That time the patient feels sore aching feeling in the body and has desire to move for relief but movement causes him aggravation. So that it comes between Bryonia and Rhus Tox.

The mammae are painful, swollen, red and the patient is unable to hold its weight so mammae need some support. It happens just after confinement or otherwise too. Pain radiates all over the body or in the back when she nurses the child.

There is irresistible desire to grind teeth and gums particularly during dentition.  This is a marked symptom of Phytolacca. This is a small description of it when it is indicated it does wonders.

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