Women driving

I feel I am timid but my friends don’t notice it as I show more courage in front of them and handle every situation successfully even when they dare not to cop up with it. Sometimes I think I am not timid but careful. I learnt driving bicycle cautiously even scooter. Since then, I have been driving every type of vehicle without any trouble. Occasionally my children told me to drive fast even though I drove sensibly. People praise my driving even I also love it but I am afraid of my wife’s driving. I read it in newspaper that every third person is scared of the driving of his wife. It is revealed from the survey that some husbands press their feet against the floor of the car when their wives press the brakes. They do it under reflex action as they don’t rely on their driving. One out of ten husbands forces her to drive carefully, even some of them argue on their style of driving. According to online market research site, ‘one pole dot com’, husbands think that men are better deriver than women. They also think that they drive better than their wives and can understand easily the road situation so that they can take decision quickly. Men complain that women easily get anxious when they see other vehicle or any child in front of their motor. The survey revealed ten problems in women’s driving. These are as follows.

1)Lack of concentration.

2)Delay in using the brakes.

3)Increase the race with jerk.

4)Don’t keep proper gap from the vehicle ahead of her.

5)Use brake improperly.

6)Keep concentration more on music.

7)Don’t use indicator regularly.

8)Drive fast.

9)Generally drive in middle lane.

10)                 Generally get attracted with useless noise.

These points were noted by the above said organization and published in ST newspaper. I don’t agree with them though my observation is also more or less the similar. But I know my observation may be wrong

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