First day in the college

Today was the first day of my college. I got up even earlier than usual. Since then, I was excited. I shaved my mildly grown beard and took bath with fresh water. I took just double time in bathing from the average. I took more time even in selecting my dress to wear today as such a day comes only once in life. It can be said that I was some what under joyous as well as stressed state. I had had my breakfast hurriedly as my friend Sohan had arrived at my home to go to the college. He lives near my house. He is not my old friend though I know him casually a long back. He met me in the college on the day when I went there to deposit the college fees. He also came there to do the same job. He also got the admission in the same subject which I chose. Since then, he has been my friend.

We took the metro train to go to the college and dropped at university station of the metro. We walked to the college though metro bus was standing ready to go near the college. There were crowd of students going to their respective colleges. Some food stalls were also opened. Some students were standing there and enjoying snacks. We had no tension of ragging in the mind but we were excited to see our seniors. We know very well that ragging is banned nowadays and college authority takes strict action if any student is caught teasing others.

A group of seniors was standing on the main gate of the college. They welcomed us with smile. Some police men were also standing to control any unpleasant situation. Along with security they were counseling the fresher’s. The effect of anti-ragging was clearly seen in the campus.

We entered in to the college and went near the notice board to see the notice that might be concerned with us. After that we went into our class room but it was empty as no student and teacher was there. We came out of the class room and took  round of the college. It was our first day when we ever saw any college. Then we went to the canteen where many students were sitting on the chairs and some of them were standing in different groups. We sat at the table in the one corner of the canteen. I called a canteen boy and ordered him to bring two cups of tea with two samosas. Within five minutes he served us both the things. We had the tea and samosa. Tea was certainly good but samosa was not very delicious. I paid him the bill and came out of the canteen. We spent another one hour in the college and went back home happily.

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