Word ‘committed’ can be used negatively

Every word has many meanings, some synonym and antonyms in English. How a writer uses it is also valuable. When a well known personality uses any word in a special context it has also been its meaning. As you have revealed that ‘committed’ as a word was used negatively during emergency viz. Committed press, and committed judiciary etc. It is true that ‘committed’ is an adjective and generally used positively.

Every one has his commitment to his country and his organization to which he is attached. When he changes his commitment because of fear or otherwise, he is called committed negatively. During emergency, some people and organizations were committed to the ruler instead of their country even though they were called committed but negatively.

One more interesting thing I want to share with others that ‘committed’ is derived from the word commit which is used as a verb. This verb itself is used negatively e.g. (1) He committed a crime. (2) He committed suicide etc. Timid people are more prone to change their commitments.

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