Fissures in thought

A remedy of ‘Fissures in thought’

Divya and Ashish were working in the same office. They were fast friends since childhood but now for a long time their thoughts were contradictory. One day Divya said to Ashish, ‘I got a good idea to strengthen our friendship that is becoming weak day by day.’  Ashish replied, surprisingly, ‘OK! Tell me soon what that idea is?’

Divya said, ‘See! Today, after reaching home we will make a list in which we write all those things that one doesn’t like but the other has it. Tomorrow, in lunch break, we will read it out. In this way we may rectify ourselves so that in future our relations will not be strained.

Ashish nodded his head in acceptance.

Next day in lunch break…. Divya came near him with a list of two pages. He sat beside Ashish and started reading that list fast. After finishing the list he raised his head, took a long breath and saw at him. There were tears in Ashish’s eyes. Seeing him Divya was amazed and asked what had happened to him and why he was weeping. It was the decision of both to correct our lacking. OK. Then he asked him about his habits which he didn’t like.

Ashish said, taking a long breath, ‘Divya, you are my best friend so that I like you as you are. I am overwhelmed with your friendship. Therefore I don’t see anything wrong in you. I don’t have any word to write against you so that my paper is plain.’

Now, it was the turn of Divya to weep. The flow of water from his eyes was so intense that his both pieces of paper were merged with tears and every word written on them disappeared. His facial expression was narrating many things themselves clearly, ‘Ashish, please forgive me. Today I understood the meaning of friendship.’ Ashish embraced him tightly. It was the day when the gap between them was filled.

The story of these two friends is really emotional and touchy. It gives us a message that has deep meaning. The gap between relations or in friendship comes when we become judge for each other. Instead of keeping love, affection and respect we start searching out others weaknesses. It is quite evident; where there is criticism there will be strained relations. Therefore we should emphasize more on love in relations than any other thing. If we see our friendship through spectacles of love we will be unable to see the weaknesses of our loved ones. If we find in him any negative quality and tell him politely at the appropriate time, he will not feel bad but relations would be better and deep. Friendship is an incredible thing in the world so that it should not be wasted in petty pebble like talk. I read it in a magazine named ‘Akhand Gyan’ and liked it so that I wrote down it at my blog.

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