‘Gold- A homeopathic Remedy’- good for depression

Aurum Metallicum is a homeopathic medicine prepared from gold which is a precious metal due to its qualities in the worldly affairs as well as in scientific world too. It acts deep in to the tissues even up to bones and heart. The most characteristic feature of it is that it causes perversion on to the emotional level. Perverted habit means that it is not considered natural in the existing society where in the man is born and brought up. In the beginning the patient becomes sad and loses interest in his work, after sometime sits in a corner do brooding and hatches new grievances. Slowly and gradually he becomes irritated and least contradiction is intolerable to him but doesn’t show them frequently. At the end it reaches up to the level of thinking to commit suicide that is the height of the perverted thoughts. He gets such conditions after the effect of some shock, being disappointed in love, bad news or grief etc. He is constantly dwelling on committing suicide. Naja and Nux Vomica also have these symptoms but in Nux Vomica he is afraid to die. Aurum always has a desire to die. Such conditions come after the abuse of mercury also in the cases of syphilis. The patient may have after effects of mercury poisoning. He has a great desire to do work hurriedly, both physically and mentally, but he can’t do things fast enough.

Old people become flabby, have weak vision and are tired of life. But children become emaciated, low spirited, weak memories and their boyishness has gone. The testes are undeveloped or not descended into the scrotum.

The patient is oversensitive to every thing: can’t tolerate least contradiction, he is sensitive to pain, to smell, to taste, to touch and to hearing etc.

Due to the mercurial and syphilitic affections the patient becomes bald, and only falling of hair is also present in some cases.

It has marked action on eyes; the patient can see only the lower half that is called hemiopia.

It has deep action on the bones and causes caries of the bones. Pain in bones which is aggravated at night as occurs in syphilitic affections.

Fatty degeneration of heart. There is congestion of blood in heart and liver.

There is wandering pain that is rheumatic in character. There is a lot left that can be written on it. This is a snap shot of it. It can help in treating heart affections, liver trouble, indurated glands, and suicidal tendency in cases of depression.

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