Shivaji- A Hindu King and his Guru

Shivaji was a known Hindu king during Mughal period. His teacher’s name was Samarth Guru Ram Das. Guruji loved him a lot, and he too. Guruji had a lot of respect in Maratha Durbar. One day, Guruji reached at Satara along with his disciples. The moment Shivaji got this information he went running barefoot to see Guruji. He bowed down his head full heartedly at the feet of Guruji and requested him to come to his palace. Guruji said he came to collect ‘Bhiksha’ so he wouldn’t stay there.

Shivaji said, ‘Wait! You wait for some time I will arrange Bhiksha for you.’

After some time, Shivaji came back and there was a piece of paper in his hand. He put that paper in to the Bhiksha pot. Guruji read that piece of paper before his disciples and startled. It was written, ‘I hand over my kingdom to Guruji.’

Guruji said amazedly, ‘What did you do?’

Shivaji didn’t reply it. He took the Bhiksha pot and went door to door for collecting Bhiksha. After that he cooked the food and served to Guruji along his disciples.

Guruji was very happy to see his devotion towards him. He put his hand on the head of Shivaji and said, ‘Shiva! You are a lucky chap. I am a sadhu so I don’t require your kingdom. What will I do with this kingdom? You look after it and serve the public. God may fulfill your all the desires.’ After saying that, Guruji went on his way.

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