Faulty Education of India

Indians are not considered intelligent academically and practically though they think reverse of it. If any body of this community reads these words he will be annoyed immediately without giving even second thought on this line why the writer has written it. If he finds the man who wrote it, he will start cursing him. Why does this happen?

There has been a big infrastructure of education system in India even before independence. There are many schools and colleges for every subject present here. Students also know the value of education and teachers are also available in abundance in every subject. In every educational institute, there is extra space in as well as outdoor present. All types of facilities are also at hand even then the first line of the article is correct.

The question arises where the missing link exists. The teaching as a profession is not very lucrative. People respect teachers outwardly not by heart even teachers also know this fact so that highly intelligent and wise people don’t adopt it as a profession. Therefore second grade stuff choose it as a career and it is also evident what ever you put in, the same will come out. Therefore inferior teaching stuff can produce second grade educated people.

One more question arises, who had suggested the Government to pay teachers the lower grade since independence. It might be possible teachers were paid lower grade since British time. But Why British had paid Indian teachers low salary though teachers come in highly paid category in England. Recently it was a news in a prestigious Daily that some of the primary teachers were drawing more salary than the Prime Minister of England. During British period in India, teachers drew a very low salary and it was the British policy so that lower intelligent people would adopt it as a profession. It was a planned policy of the British; therefore Indian could never become very intelligent. Some exceptions may be found every where. Even after independence, Indian Government couldn’t understand the value of best teacher. It also adopted the same pattern as the British had left for us. It seems to be logical and might be the possible correct answer of the above mentioned problem. There may be some more causes of it.

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