Corrupt Rich and a Saint

A rich collected a lot of wealth by illegal means in a city. He went to a temple daily. He had a thought if God was happy all his sins would have been waived off. Every day a saint also came to the temple where the rich went. The saint lectured people about religion and wisdom. Whenever the rich went there he also sat on the floor for some time hearing his words. One day, the saint said, ‘People who give wheat floor to ants get a lot of good ‘Karma’. The rich became happy after hearing such a cheap and easy method of earning good ‘Karma’. Now he started sprinkling wheat floor at ants’ houses near the temple. He sprinkled wheat floor in excess there so that thousands new houses of ants were formed. Millions and trillions ants began to gather there to get the benefit of this help. Their population increased in such a way that people living there felt inconvenience to live there so they started vacating that area.

When the saint came to know about the whole situation he called on the rich and said, ‘In religious work, wisdom should be used. It should always be considered that no wrong full act should be happened during religious work. You had benefited the ants but put the residents in trouble. Actually you are concerned neither with ants nor men. You just want to gather good ‘Karmas’.’ The rich understood the saint’s words and stopped doing corrupt practice.

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