A few words in the honor of Mother

If anybody wants to pen down something on a word mother he will be frozen for a moment but after that he can tell you many stories related to mother and can tell you about her greatness etc…  One day I got an idea to write some words about her. The word, ‘Mother’ looks small but is full of devotion and respect. Technically if the word is analyzed it can be said that mother is just an instrumental in the birth of a baby and nothing else. This is a version of disobedient and distracted people. I thought it is better to keep such people version in the beginning so that their evil thoughts will not interfere during the write-up. I neither curse such people nor encourage them as everybody has liberty to say about his thought whether good or bed. It is also true that with every good thing the opposite of it is also present like day and night, black and white, good and bad, health and disease and so on. But in case of mother the positive part is more prominent than the negative one.

The mother is the one who brings and introduces us in to the world. She brings us up along with teaching of walking, speaking etc. In this way she is also our first teacher. In Indian culture mother is kept at the rank of God so that mother is also prayed. Mother doesn’t make her children feel any type of adversities. She tries them keeping happy at every time as far as possible. If anybody tries to harm her children she protects them. It has happened many times in the history that the mother had sacrificed her life just to save her children. It can be said that the history is full of such instances.

Not only in India but also in other cultures and countries, like Rome and Unani culture, mother is considered highly respectable. Unanis’ prayed mother every year between 15th and 18th March. Indians Pray mother in the form of ‘Durga’, ‘Laxmi’ etc and they celebrate ‘Navratra’ and ‘Diwali’ to pay respect to mother.

Mother gives us love, affections and so many worldly comforts that we can’t even imagine. Whenever we find ourselves in trouble we remember our mother. Mother helps us to solve our adversaries. Forgetting her problems mother takes care of her children. Whenever a child goes to take an examination or some other work she prays to God to help him. If a child is late to arrive at home she doesn’t sleep until he reaches. If a child doesn’t sleep at night she sings a song to asleep him. So nothing can replace her from the place she has acquired in the society.

Nowadays children don’t respect their mother as much as they did in the past. The fact might be half true and this is because of the western impact. Under this effect, united families are being broken. Even then mother attains a great respect in the society.

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