When God gives us something

A lady, along with her little son went to a bazaar to buy some groceries. When she was ordering a salesman some grocery items, the shopkeeper saw the little boy. He showed the boy a box of toffees and offered them to him. The boy refused to take them. The shopkeeper insisted him again and again to take them. The lady had seen the drama between them and told the boy to take some toffees. But he again politely refused to take them.

The shopkeeper then took out a handful of toffees and offered him. The boy this time accepted the offer and said thank you. The lady and the boy went home happily. The lady asked the boy why he didn’t take out the toffees himself from the jar. He said, ‘If I take the toffees myself I can take a few toffees as my hands are small. But the uncle had given me, his own handful of toffees so I got more toffees.’

Moral: When God gives us something, He gives us more than our expectation.

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