A poor boy and a beautiful girl

A poor boy sold consumer goods by going door to door. One day he felt hungry when selling the goods, but didn’t have the money to buy some eatables. He decided to beg some food from the next door, so he knocked at it. The door was opened by a beautiful girl; seeing her at the door he was baffled. In place of demanding food he requested her to give him a glass of water. The girl felt that he was hungry so she brought a glass of milk. Taking it he tried to give her money but she refused to accept it. The boy thanked her and went away.

After this instance, the boy, Harvard Kelli’s, trust on the humanity got more strengthened. After a long time, the beautiful girl fell severely ill so was brought to city, where doctors said that only Dr. Havard Kelli could save her life by his treatment. Dr Kelli was called to treat her when he knew about the girl his eyes glared with joy. Immediately seeing her, he recognized the lady. He started trying to save her life; his efforts got positive results and he could save her life.

At the time of paying bill, Dr. Kelli ordered the accounts officer to hand over the bill to him first. He wrote some thing on the bill and sent it to the lady concerned. She got amazed just after seeing the bill though she was thinking that the bill would be high. When she opened the bill she saw something written on the bill – the bill had been paid along with a glass of milk. Below this line there was the signature of Dr. Kelli. She thanked God for his kindness and prayed to Him to continue his blessings on all human beings.

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