What is the value of ‘Lie’?

Lie is a word whose meaning is known very well by everybody, but if it is asked to explain it, there would be a difficulty to elaborate it though it can easily be explained by examples; in simple way, it can be said that it is the opposite to the word truth. Many people lie just by habit, if anybody points out their lie they wouldn’t accept that they have spoken a lie. Some people don’t generally speak lie but if situation forces them to say something lie that time they do. Very few people fall in the category who never tells a lie, even in the old Indian history very few people named like Yudhister, King Harish Chander belonged to the class who never spoke a lie. There were so many great men born in India, but even for them history is silent whether they had never spoke a lie.

Generally people speak lie out of fear; they think if they tell the truth their image will be dented. Fear, losing something, and false great image etc. make people speak lie. Today, in the morning, I got an idea to write something on this word. I am associated with a social organization since my childhood. This organization is very particular about time; its program always starts at right time. I was invited to deliver my lecture there, today. So I got up in the morning a bit earlier than usual time of my getting up. I was sitting in the lawn of my house to get some fresh air and in the mean time my wife, Mira also came there and sat in to the chair beside me. After a few minutes we indulged in talking to each other. When husband and wife talk peacefully to each other, the time passes fast. The same happened with me, when I saw the time it was about the same, when I had to reach there. So I got ready to go so quickly that no body could imagine it. I got in to my car and drove away. On the way I thought when I would reach there late how would I justify myself for coming late. There were so many ideas creeping in my mind. I was examining them one by one that which one would be more appropriate at that time. In the last I jerked all these ideas out of my mind and decided to tell the truth. Thinking it I got a lot of relief mentally as well as emotionally.

I reached there late by ten minutes. The program had already started at the right time but I was not looking tense because I had decided to tell the truth. After the program some people particularly appreciated my lecture. They said that I was speaking by heart not just only by mouth. I think it happened due to my decision that I would not make any excuse for coming late.

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