Kunti and her sons — Pandavs!!!

Kunti was the mother of Padavs. She always preached them to be ready to help others. Even at the time of misery, one should stick to the truth, wisdom and ‘Dharma’. One who is ready to save others life even if his own is at stake is a real solider.

In the pride of power and selfishness, Druodhan made a conspiracy against Pandavs to kill them. Kunti decided to live in hide outs to save her sons. She went to an unknown village along with her sons and began to live in a house of a poor pundit. She always thanked the pundit for giving them shelter.

All of a sudden, a devil also made this village his dwelling. The devil, a man eater, announced in the village that he required one man to satisfy his hunger every day. He had killed many people and ate them. One day he sent his messenger to the pundit’s house and the guy demanded to take his only son. Hearing this, wife of the pundit began to weep and the whole family was clouded under the terror. Kunti got emotions after seeing them in such a horrible situation and said to them, ‘Stop crying! I am going to send my one of the sons as I have five sons but will not tolerate the killing of your son.’

Both, the pundit and his wife were stunned after hearing it. They felt that the lady is just like the Goddess of mercy. Otherwise who would send her son to death house? Kunti sent Bheem with him.

Bheem was expert in fighting as well as had a strong body and had already killed so many evil spirit. Bheem entered in to his den and slew the fiend in no time. He returned to his mother and told her the details of what had happened there. Bheem told the villagers that they could live fearlessly then as the devil had been exterminated and no other such creature would dare to come to the village. Kunti embraced him joyously.

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