Do Flowers have eyes???

Today, I got up early in the morning as usual. It was drizzling mildly, being rainy season. The weather was very pleasant and romantic so I sat in to a chair lying in the front court yard. Just in front of my shelter there is a small park where some plants have yellow flowers which look beautiful. Every day a middle aged lady who also resides near the park as my neighbor visits the park daily to pluck those flowers. This is her usual routine; when she leaves the park there is no flower. Sometime I call her ‘Bhabhi ji’ as she is only some years older than me, but other way call her ‘Amma ji’ because her husband’s age is not less than my father’s age. In this way I am always in dilemma what to call her. So only the situation decides her fate every time, but usually I call her ‘Amma ji’. She is a little bit rustic though is kind hearted as the most Indian women generally are. I don’t know why I had talked about her though it wasn’t required here. Let us come to the original thought which I want to share with others.

A thought came to my mind when she was plucking the flowers. I thought, ‘When she enters the park; do the flowers know about her coming and the motive?’ Every day the new flowers blossom so they don’t know her intention and this is one possibility. The plants know what will happen now but flowers do not understand her intention before her action. The third possibility is this; the plants have told flowers in advance about their fate. These are the possibilities which we all discuss generally.

But I got a new idea when I saw her plucking flowers today. I thought, ‘Plants and flowers have no eyes so they can’t see who is visiting the park and what is in ones heart. They feel pain momentarily when they are being plucked, neither before nor after. I made one analogy of the situation, ‘Suppose a man is sitting on an easy chair with his eyes closed. Another man is standing silently near him or just behind him with a sword in his hand. In this situation the sitting man doesn’t feel terror of his killing. But if the killer cut his head, that requires only less than a minute, he would feel pain only less than a minute; another situation happens, think, the man is sitting with the eyes open’. If the sitting man sees him with a sword in hand, he will resist for saving his life. He will not allow the killer to cut his head till his last breath.

In the same way if the plants know about the fate of their flowers they will also resist against those who want to pluck them. The plants may start growing in bad shape and dirty colored flowers. The flowers may convert themselves in to poisonous one. The plants may be full of thorns.

The garden full of flowers gives pleasure to many people who see it, but plucked flowers gives pleasure to two persons only i.e. one who plucks them and another who get them. It is difficult to understand why God is very kind to human being.

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