A visit to Ahmadabad

I got an opportunity to visit Gujarat twice, first time during the last Parliament election and second time this year in the month of February, the month of my marriage. In my first visit, I visited some interior parts of the Gujarat near Ahmadabad and found them tidy and attractive; the people were also calm and quite in nature. In the next visit I along with my some family members visited Ahmadabad, Dwarka Deesh temple, Somnath temple, Diu, Gir forests etc on road. All the places are good, attractive, and tidy also. The roads are as good as can be compared with Europe and America’s roads. We travelled more than one thousand kilometers by road and no road was found in the condition like Delhi’s.

My aunty always praises Kutch so I also have a desire to visit this place. I am going to find some tourist attractions point in Kutch then it would be more interesting to go there.

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