A family in terror for thirty six hours

A family in terror for thirty six hours

A lady was preparing some thing in her kitchen and was alone in the house when the door bell rang. She opened the door in response. Suddenly three persons, looking not good in appearance, entered the house forcibly. They were armed with revolvers. For a moment she couldn’t understand what was happening there. One of the three asked the lady, pointing the gun at her, how many persons were present in the house at present. She replied that she was alone there. Mean while rest of the two searched out the house and found nobody else there. They informed the first one about their search. The first guy, named Sunil disclosed that they were dacoits and recently absconding from the jail. Sunil demanded her key of the garage. She reluctantly handed over it to him. The other one, named Dany parked their car inside the garage and came back in to the house. Sunil enquired of her about the money and any weapon lying in the house. She replied that there was no weapon in the house but some money kept in her purse. She opened her bag and turned it over on the table. Sunil asked her if she had more money. She said she doesn’t keep money at home but in bank. Then he enquired about her family members who lived there. She said that her husband, a sister in law and her only son lived there. He warned her not to inform the police in any condition otherwise she would be in a big loss as they were just hiding there for sometime and would leave the place soon. She was in panic because of their presence though was showing courage intelligently.

Later on she managed to get her husband’s revolver out from the almirah and pointed at him ordering them to leave her house. One of them was standing behind her so he overpowered her; in this way her plan foiled. After some time her son came back home from his school happily and told her many things. Seeing her terrified and not responding his talk he got bewildered. He asked her why she was not behaving with him properly. She couldn’t understand how to manage the situation. All the dacoits were hiding and hearing their talk. Meanwhile the boy went upstairs in to his room. He saw his belongings lying haphazardly hither and thither. Some of his toys were lying on the floor in a broken state. He felt bad and immediately came down and enquired about the happening. At the same time he saw one of them holding his toy in a hand. He went near him and tried to take hold his toy from him. The dacoit threatened him to kill. She also went near him and snatched the boy from him. She tried telling the boy the whole situation.

In the evening her sister in law came back home joyously as was coming after meeting her boy friend. When she entered the house she immediately got shocked after understanding the situation. Both the ladies were being threatened to keep their mouth shut.

The lady’s husband also came back home from his office. He, named Raj Kumar was also being captured when was told not to make any trick. Raj Kumar asked them who they were and what they wanted from him. Sunil, the dacoit said we wanted to stay there for some time and after that would go to some where. Raj Kumar asked them if they needed money he would give them. Sunil then said he had seen his bank pass book containing only twelve hundred rupees and he didn’t come here for money. Even then Raj Kumar said it would be better if they left his house. Sunil ordered him to keep quite other wise he would kill him along with his family, which he didn’t want to do. All the family members were sitting helplessly.

In the evening Raj Kumar’s sister’s boy friend, Vijay came to take her to dinner. Vijay rang the door bell. Sunil asked them who was at the door. Sunil was told about him and purpose of his coming there. Hearing it Sunil said she had to go with him but also warned her not to tell any thing about them. After some time, Vijay’s parents visited raj Kumar’s house. Sunil said to Raj Kumar to meet them in the court yard and send them away by some trick. Sunil welcomed them in the court yard and offered seats there. Vijay’s parents felt annoyed with his behaviour and went back from there. Vijay was also amazed after seeing her beloved’s behaviour but couldn’t understand any thing.

At some point Raj Kumar argued Sunil and fought with him. Sunil hit Raj Kumar on the head and he fell unconscious. He was taken to bed to lay there. Rest of the family members sat around him just watching his condition helplessly. At about three o’clock he regained his consciousness and enquired about the dacoits whether they have left the house or not.

In the morning Sunil ordered Raj Kumar and his sister to go to their offices as usual but warned them again not to tell any one about them. Sunil was waiting for his lady colleague as she was coming with money. After her arrival they had to escape some where. After an hour she phoned Sunil and said the police was chasing her so she is not getting chance to see him and cut the phone saying that latter she would contact him.

Raj Kumar son’s friend came there to call him to play but she said he was sleeping so he would not go to play with him. His friend went back sadly.

A cold drink delivery man came to supply the carat of cold drink bottles. He was very talkative but she managed him to leave the house. In the court yard the delivery boy’s money fell on the floor so he leaned down collecting the money. He glanced at the garage window as one coin entered the garage. He saw a car parked inside the garage having the same number which was used by the dacoits when they fled from the jail. He knew the number of the car as it was flashing on television. He was amazed after seeing the car and noted down the car number on the delivery book. The dacoits saw his act and one of them sat in his delivery van. The dacoits instructed him where to go and at a deserted place he shot him dead. Afterward he came back and joined his colleagues. He told them what he did. Sunil enquired of him about the challan book; he said he forgot to destroy it. Sunil got offended and said his mistake might put them in trouble.

A lady, mother of the boy’s friend came to take the book which was needed by her son. The boy wrote a few lines describing that we were trapped in our house on a paper and kept it after folding inside the book and handed the book over her. His friend saw the paper when he opened the book. He unfolded the paper and read it. After that he told his mother about the writing and showed it to her. His mother phoned his friend’s house and asked them whether they were in trouble or not. She said that her family had not been in trouble so she wouldn’t need to worry about them.

Raj Kumar dropped his sister near her office and advised her not to tell about the incident. He went to the police station and met the officer-in-charge. He asked the officer a question; suppose he got an information that the dacoits were hiding in a house, then what would be his line of action to catch them and he was asking that question to publish your answer in his news paper. The officer said he would besiege the house with police men. Raj Kumar said what the fate of the residents of the house would be. The officer said for that strategy would be made at the same time. Hearing his answer he went to his office.

On the other side Sunil thought that they might be caught due to the foolishness of his colleague as he left the delivery book at the spot. He decided to destroy their used car whose number had been flashed. He ordered the lady to call her husband back home. She reluctantly phoned her husband and told him to come back home. He left his work and rushed home.

Sunil said to Raj Kumar to drive away his car and destroy it at some deserted place. In the beginning Raj Kumar refused to do it but was forced. He did as was said to him. Mean while the police also came to know that the dacoits were hiding in Raj Kumar’s house. The officer explained the plan to him and gave him a revolver. Raj Kumar emptied the loaded gun and went back home. Sunil’s two colleagues were already killed when they left the house. The house was then under the cover of police.

Sunil wanted to flee from there under the cover of Raj Kumar. Raj Kumar gave him the news about the killing of his colleagues. Hearing it Sunil was discouraged as one of them was his own brother. Sunil requested Raj Kumar to kill him but Raj Kumar refused to do it and told him to go out. Raj Kumar threw Sunil out of the house and closed his door. Sunil tried to run away but was shot dead by the police. The terror in the family ended at last after thirty six hours. This is a story of a Hindi movie that I enjoyed yesterday.

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