Bufo Rana – A Homeopathic medicine

Bufo is a medicine prepared from toad, the gland situated at the back of the neck is squeezed and the secretion used as a medicine. Even in old school it was used abundantly. It acts on the brain so is used in imbecility and insanity. It works on male sexual organs causing excitement. The patient wants solitude and practices masturbation. This is a red line symptom of a medicine. The patient has all types of perverted habits. Another symptom is strange that he wants solitude but afraid of being alone. Sexually he is in a excited state generally but some times in impotency.

He has epilepsy in which anxiety starts from epigastrium before the attack. The patient may have imbecility due to epilepsy. Imbecility means that a man behaves like a child, laughs like a child, and acts like a child or may behave like stupid. Baryta carb is another drug used in such type of conditions. He may be weak, and having dizziness. It can be the pre condition of imbecility. He feels as if brain is softened. There is confusion of mind.

Patient has a lot of burning. Burning is present all over the body. There is numbness in spots on the skin and at some places there is oversensitive skin.

It acts on female genital organs. Inflammation of ovaries and uterus is also found. There is ovaritis with burning. If it is explored properly it will serve better. The full name of this Homeopathic medicine is Bufo Rana.

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