Does Ghost Exist ?

Have you ever heard about ghost? If any body asks you this question your answer may be positive. If you have not heard it you are definitely lucky in this matter. But this is a matter of interest about their reality. Occasionally the news about ghost appears in a news paper. Such news is generally related to villagers where people are less educated comparatively. In urban areas such stories are heard less frequently though once I was called to treat a patient who was suffering from the terror of ghost as per her family members’ opinion. I visited her house as a physician. She was examined and found suffering from mental stress and nothing else. She complained of headache and fatigue off and on. In her house she had a lot of house hold work. Her husband told me that sometime she behaved properly but many times talked irritably or angrily. He had an opinion that she was caught by some ghosts. I tried him to convince about her real problem. That time he didn’t resist against my diagnosis. So I prescribed her some medicines along with some instructions and went back to my office. They didn’t approach me again. After a few months her neighbor and family friend came to my clinic for his own ailment. Out of curiosity I asked him about that lady who was known being caught by ghost. He said that she was well then. I was surprised to hear the news. He narrated the whole story as much as he knew about the case. He said that she was taken to a temple in Rajasthan which is famous for such activities. After visiting the temple a few times she got well. He also said that there were four ghosts who were living in her body and creating troubles. Now they had left her and she is living well. I could not under stand what he was telling me. I couldn’t decide whether ghosts exist or not. How these ghosts behave; what they eat; why they make their dwelling in somebody’s body. The existence of them is merely a delusion and orthodoxy in one class but another is just opposite to it.

Today there was news about them on the front page of a national daily. The two families fought for the last eight years. Both the families believed that each had deployed their ghost at another’s house. It was not all, even the whole village believed in it. One day both the families were called along with their ghost charmer in Partap Garh village. The judges of the ‘Panchayat’ have searched out nine ghosts in total. The three belonged to one family and six to another. Saroj, brother of Chhotu, who belonged to one of the two families died four years ago. After some days Chhotu’s father died. A ghost charmer, called ‘Ojha’ told him that Kaloo’s ghosts were troubling his family. After believing in Ojha, Chhotu had also sent his ghost to Kaloo’s family. After that Kaloo’s family members fell ill. Both the families had gotten firm belief in it. Both the families became enemy of one another. They had fought many times and even gone to jail. In the Panchayat, it was decided that no one would send his ghost to another’s family house. If any one was found guilty he would be fined ten thousand rupees. Both sides agreed to the decision. After signing the decision both went home along with their ghosts.

In Homeopathy there is some description of ghosts. It says it is merely a fancy and uses it as a symptom. The system of medicine has categorized them under delusions. When such symptoms are narrated by a patient, these are used in treating him.

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