Sarsaparilla – good for Kidney Stone, and Urinary Infection – Homeopathy

Sarsaparilla is a Homeopathic medicine which acts mainly on vascular system and excretory system that flush out waste from body in liquid form called urine. Fragility of capillaries causes blue and black spots on the skin particularly in senile age. The mucous membrane of nose, buccal cavity, larynx and mouth look bluish as if it would ulcerate but ulceration occurs seldom. The patient becomes shriveled and emaciated. Memory is reduced; patient is confused and dazed and reaches at the verge of imbecility.

Patient feels burning inside so can’t tolerate warm food or drink. He likes cold things that ameliorate him. Externally he feels chill and body is cold to touch. Therefore he wants to sit in a warm room. These two symptoms are marked in Sarsaparilla. Weakness is also a prominent feature of this remedy. Dr Kent has praised it a lot. He quoted in his book a case of a patient suffering from kidney stone. His abdomen was sounded by some eminent surgeons and declared stone there. Their opinion in the case was that he should go for surgery but nothing else. But the patient sent for Dr Kent and handed his case over to him. After examining Dr Kent prescribed him Sarsaparilla which responded well and the patient’s stone was reduced in the size and latter on came out of the urethra. In this way the patient was free from stone forever. It acts well on kidney, urethra and bladder so it is good in albuminurea as well as in Brights disease.

Child passes white sand in the urine. The sand can be seen on the diaper easily. The child screams before and during passing urine. At the end of urination child feels a lot of pain in urethra. The child has involuntary urine. He passes copious urine at night and floods the bed. Patient passes urine easily when standing but not sitting on a stool.

Last week a lady aged about sixty came to my office who was suffering from urinary tract infection. This infection is detected by simple microscopic examination of urine in which pus cells are found. In this patient, same had happened; her urine examination revealed that there was full field of pus cells. Her trouble was corrected with a course of some antibiotics. As the disease is chronic in nature so it relapses very soon. She has also been suffering it for last many years. After every course of antibiotics, her stomach got upset; so she suffered from loss of appetite, burning in chest and abdomen, mild pain in belly and bowel was not clear properly etc. She was prescribed Sarsaparilla as her condition was demanding it. Today, she came with a fresh urine examination report that was showing no pus in the urine. She was very cheerful after seeing her urine report. I advised her to continue treatment so that tendency to recurrent attacks can be reduced to minimal level. This is a wonderful remedy if used properly.

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