Do you need best friend?

A scholar has made a proverb which is quiet popular among the society though I don’t know the name of that learned man. The adage is this: a friend in need is a friend indeed. This is correct theoretically as well as practically. What was the need of this maxim that I don’t know. If somebody is your acquaintance he is your friend and matter is over though you can add any adjective before a word ‘friend’. It can be said that he is a good, bad, selfish, or angry friend and so on. There is a long list of emotional adjectives which can be put before the word ‘friend’.

Every year I get some new companions but by the end of year some of them either leave me or are left by me. Rest of them keep the friendship warm for years together. It doesn’t mean that those who don’t meet me regularly are not my buddies. But due to some reasons we don’t meet regularly.

Subash was my classmate when I was in primary school though there were more than forty students in my class and all were called my friends. Five of them met me regularly but now they are not in my contact. It doesn’t mean they are not my associates; I remember them occasionally and I hope they also remember me. Subash meets me occasionally that time but now he meets me frequently; so it can be said that he is my friend.

Bhawani was my classmate in high school. I didn’t have much understanding with him that time. After many years of leaving school, one day he met me road side and called me by name. I looked at him surprisingly but couldn’t recognize him. He detailed me about the high school memories. Now we are good friends.

We make our friends by choice. It is not an obligatory work. When a friendship is made without motive it goes long lasting. If it is tied for some motive it will be considered temporary friendship. If any body wants to search out a best friend this is his foolishness. The best thing is one that you make yourself best. If you are best every friend will be proved best.

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