Good Politician!!

Those who wish to come in politics must study about their country and its related problems. Only then they may be able to get some good vision. Politicians must sit among public and discuss with them all sorts of their thoughts. Only a good politician can take the country in a right direction. He should be wise. If anybody makes some mistakes it affects only a limited circle of the society but if a politician commits some error the whole country faces its consequences. Our Indian history, pre-partition and post-partition is full of such blunders like partition of India, Kashmir issue, Uniform civil code, terrorism etc. When they go to Parliament they must do some home work on the agenda. Only then they are competent to sit in the parliament and their attendance will be productive. The parliament is the only organization which leads the country therefore its member should be efficient. If he is not good at his job he is like a monkey having a knife in its hand and sitting in a saloon as a barber.

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