Hepar Sulph: A medicine

Hepar Sulph is a medicine used in Homeopathy. Everybody who is acquainted with this system knows its name. It is a deep acting drug and belongs to psoric miasm though it has affinity to sycotic miasm too. Its patient gets cold easily. He sleeps in a more warm room where others feel uncomfortable due to its warmth. A patient goes in cold air in the evening and before midnight gets croup; if a dose of Aconite is given to him he will sleep comfortably. If he gets second attack of croup after midnight; it means Aconite couldn’t hold the attack and a dose of Spongia can subside the condition. Even then if the patient has croup in the morning with nasal catarrh and bodyache Hepar Sulph will control the situation effectively. It shows Hepar patient is chilly and sensitive to cold. Dry cold winds cause him aggravation.

Mucous membrane and skin of the patient is sensitive and gets affected easily. Skin suppurates. Hepar hastens the suppuration. In the affected place the patient feels sticking pain. There is a sensation of splinter in the affected place. If a foreign body enters the body and sticks there Hepar suppurates its surroundings and removes it from the body.

Mentally the patient is sensitive. Any slightest thing may offend him and he gets into anger. He may become impulsive and gets the desire to kill his friend. He threatens others. He has a strong impulse to kill others like a barber having razor in the hand to shave his client has a desire to slit his throat.

It has affinity to all the glands. A gland like tonsils or lymph node may have inflammation or suppuration. If suppuration is there it hastens the pus formation and abort the pus. The patient may have chronic gonorrheal discharges with splinter like pain in urethra. It has saved many patients from the knife of a surgeon in the cases of abscess, fig warts etc.

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