Staphysgaria is a medicine which affects first mind than body, it can be said that the affected mind causes body suffering. The patient becomes easily angered but doesn’t manifest it. This pent up wrath renders him sleepless nights, burning micturition, and irregularity in bowels etc. Indignation is markedly present in it. A gentleman meets beneath one station, goes into arguments and feels insulted but doesn’t show his anger. This suppressed anger causes him bodily complaint. He is sensitive mentally. Least action of others or himself may offend him.

He may be indifferent, low-spirited, or brain fag after sexual excess.

Children are ill-humored, cry for thing when gets it, throw it away petulantly.

Headache: he has a sensation of ball sitting in forehead and shakes his head. Sensation as if the head is hollow. It affects all the three miasms.

There is sexual excitement with impotency. Ailments from sexual excess are also present. Loss of memory, brain-fag that means the patients may get difficulty even in addition and subtraction, makes mistake in writing and speaking due to sexual abuse as he feels.

Staphisgaria and Colocynth both have aggravation from anger. Suppressed anger marked in Staph. The patient is sensitive to pain also. If the affected part is touched slightly it causes a lot of pain and even the patient may go in convulsion.

Dry, sensitive warts on genitalia but moist and offensive warts come in the preview of Thuja. Tumor on eyelid that is called sty or chalazae can be treated by Staphisgaria if sensitivity is present. Bone pains which are worse at night like Merc Sol, Asafetida and Nitric Acidum is a key note symptom

Tetter is also present in Staph. And Dr Kent quoted a remarkable case of eczema cured with this remedy in his book.

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