A visit to Udaipur — day 1

I visited Udaipur last Sunday and Monday of the month, August though many times the program was chalked out but couldn’t be materialized. A few days ago one of my friends, Vijay came to me and insisted me on going to Udaipur. At last I gave him my consent on telephone. It was Mewar Express that goes to Udaipur from Delhi and we got our seats confirmed in it. It departed from Nizammuddin Railway station at about seven o’ clock in the evening and arrived at Udaipur at 7 o’clock in the morning. It was an uncomfortable warm coach so I got my ticket status upgraded to AC class. Then I and my spouse Mira shifted to AC compartment in the train. At Kota junction, a big group of students entered the compartment and sat at their seats but they made a lot of noise as were talking loudly. They were not bothered that other passengers were asleep and the time was about 2 o’clock at night. After an hour they made peace and every body again went to sleep except those who can’t sleep if there sleep is once disturbed.

Next morning we reached Udaipur Railway station at 7 o’ clock that was the schedule time of its arrival. We went to a hotel named Vishnupriya by taxi. It was reasonably good hotel along with the facility of AC rooms and swimming pool. I like if I find a pool in a hotel though I am not a good swimmer. I liked the name of the hotel. Vishnu is the name of God according to Hindu’s belief and religion and Priya means whom you like. It can be said that the thing which is liked by God Vishnu. ‘Tulsi’, a herbal and a holy plant is also called Vishnupriya. We checked -in the room. I took some rest and went to the swimming pool. I enjoyed there and after that had a bath. Coming back to the room I put on a new dress. We came out of the room and went down stairs as our room was on the third floor. We walked on the road just to see the surrounding of the hotel and searching a good restaurant for breakfast. Meanwhile Vijay came there and told us to go to a place named Naryan Sewa Sansthan. Reaching there, the sansthan volunteers welcomed us warmly with band and a garland. It was the wonderful scene but I couldn’t understand why they welcomed us so warmly though we were not the VIP’s personality. I and some other members of my group didn’t take it good but some of them enjoyed that moment which could be seen at their faces.

Then we had had our breakfast that was good and hygienic too. We attended the function there and donors were felicitated by the head of the Sansthan, Mr. Kailsah Manav Ji. A man who had no legs showed his dance on the stage and that was really thrilling how a man without legs could dance so beautifully. I think he was the same guy who once appeared on a TV channel. He was looking cheerful but it can’t be said what was present inside his heart. A girl magician, Anjali also performed her magic show. She is also a popular magician and showed many tricks though all the tricks were common which I have seen time to time. Before the completion of the program it started raining so we went in to a hall where lunch was served.

After lunch I made a program to visit the Haldi Ghati which was about 45 kilometer from there. We were eight in total who had been to Haldi Ghati by Qualis, a type of taxis. The place where we reached was the top of Haldi Ghati and a statue of the horse, named Chetak, of Maharana Pratap was built there. It was the place where Chetak died after getting injured in the war, known as Haldi Ghati war. It was the fight between Akbar, a Moughal emperor and Maharana Pratap. The whole Ghati is visible at the sight of the Chetak’s ‘Smarak’. There is a private museum, near the parking space, which is worth to see.

Seeing both the things we started our journey towards Shri Nathji temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and people have a lot of faith in Him. Arriving there we got to know that the temple had been closed just half an hour earlier even then we entered the temple and visited all the places inside the temple except the main statue of Lord Shri Nathji. When we came out of the temple there was drizzling. In the drizzle we did a lot of window shopping. We enjoyed a lot there and went back to hotel after having dinner on the way.

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