A visit to Udaipur — day 2

Next day in the morning I got up at 6 o’ clock and got ready by seven. I came down to lobby of the hotel. At 8.30 we went to Shri Nathji temple and reached there by 9.30. Our coach dropped us about one kilometer away from the temple. We took a three wheeler and went there. We deposited our mobile phone and camera in the cloak room. We entered the temple in a queue and got the darshan of God Shri Nathji. I felt happy after getting the darshan and came out of the temple. I took my phone and camera back from the cloak room. Then we had had a cup of tea that was very sweet in taste and some snacks. We purchased some items from the market that is not necessary to explain them in detail. At the parking I saw a horse cart and thought to ride on it so that I hired it and reached near the coach. Rests of our colleagues were waiting for us. The moment we got in to the bus and it started to drive back to Udaipur.

In Udaipur we visited the city palace; before entering there one has to buy the entry ticket, the cost of it is fifty rupees each. We hired a guide who showed us the whole palace and told us many stories about the palace and the royal family. I got some new information which I didn’t know before that. A portion of the palace is now used for marriage and functions that adds the income of the royal family. Arvind is a young successor of the royal family. Once I have met his father in a function in Delhi.

There is one more palace near the city palace and it is called Lake Palace that is situated inside a lake. It is used as a hotel now; any body can hire its room and can get dinner there. It is run by Taj group as was told. There was rain when we left the city palace. We had had a cup of tea with snacks there. Near the palace, there is a temple called Jagdish temple which was closed that time so we couldn’t see it. After that we went to have lunch in a restaurant, called Bawarchi; the preparation of food was good.

We went to see a beautiful garden known as ‘Saheleon ki Badi’. It was built for the use of Royal ladies. It has beautiful fountains and in the center of the garden there is a round building, from the top of it water falls that renders the view of artificial rain. Seeing it we went back to our hotel. At 5 o’clock we left the hotel and went to the railway station. At 6.15, on schedule time, the train- Mewar Express departed from the station. In the morning we arrived at Delhi and went home. On the whole, it was a memorable journey.

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