Blatta Orientalis for Asthma – A treasure of Homeopathy

What is the difference between Blatta Orientalis and Blatta Americana, two homeopathic drugs, used in Asthma and Dropsy? The second word is different in both the drugs. Blatta is a medicine prepared from cockroach; in Blatta orientalis Indian cockroach is used but in Blatta Americana, cockroach found in America is used and this is the only difference in these two drugs. But action wise there is some difference in both the medicines. Blatta O is more beneficial than Blatta A in Asthma. In cases of dropsy Blatta A is found more efficacious. The invention of this medicine is strange.

A patient was suffering from asthma for many years and got no relief from any medicine. He had tried all types of medicines and systems of treatment but in vain. He couldn’t sleep lying on bed. For that he had to prop up on pillows. He forgot when he had slept well last in his life. He would take a cup of tea every morning. One day after taking his morning tea he started feeling well in breathing; oppression of chest had also reduced and at last he felt better. He told this miracle to his well wishers and thought how it happened. One of his friends asked him what he had taken since he got up in the morning. He answered that he took only a cup of tea. Then his friend called his servant and enquired of him what he had added in the tea. The servant replied that he did nothing and had prepared the tea as usual as he does every day. After that his friend went in to the kitchen and started searching something strange if present in the kitchen. When he checked the tea pan he found a dead cockroach in the pan along with used tea leaves. He told his friend that the cockroach which was found in the tea pan might be the reason of this miracle. He experimented on another asthma patient and found the same miracle. He kept on experimenting on other asthma patients with great success. At last the results were published in medical journals. This is the story of a tiny creature which has rendered a good medicine for wellness of humanity and is considered that it would not be affected by nuclear radiation.

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