Parvati – A Goddess of Mercy

Parvati, daughter of Himachal was meditating ardently, sitting on a stone near a pond when she heard piteous cry of a child – Hai, help me; a crocodile has caught me and wants to swallow me. Hearing the boy’s heartbreaking cry she left her meditation and ran towards the pond. She saw the innocent boy trapped in the jaws of a crocodile. Even in front of Parvati the crocodile went in to water from the bank of the pond. The boy was crying and saying, “I am the only son of my old and blind parents. They will be abandoned with out me.”

Seeing the pain of the boy parvati said, “Crocodile, the boy is innocent. He is more worried for his parents than himself. So you kindly leave him immediately.” The crocodile said, “I come here at this time everyday. Anybody who comes here at this time will become my food. The boy came here at this moment so he is my meal. I will save my life after eating him. How can I leave him?”

Parvati said, “I meditated here. I wish you would take profit of it and leave him in bargain. The crocodile said, “How can I leave him in place of this ordinary meditation. I can leave his life if you give me your meditation along with your all the ‘Punaya Karma’.”

Parvati said, “OK. I hand over my all meditation and Punaya Karma.” Hearing it the crocodile left the boy. Parvati saw that God Shankar was standing there in place of the crocodile. God Shankar said, “You have given your all the Punaya Karma just for the life of a boy. You have not shown your wisdom. That much Punaya Karma is collected after the meditation in many lives.”

Parvati said, “Prabhu! I was meditating to get you in the form of my husband. I will do meditation again.”

God Shankar Said, smilingly, “Devi, You need not to meditate again. Saving the life of a boy you have shown that you are kind and merciful. Even after donating your Punaya karma your meditation has been multiplied thousands times.”

God Shankar had given the examination to Parvati by disguising as a crocodile and a boy to see whether her heart was merciful or not.

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