Sushil- A gold medalist

Sushil has become a well known name in India today as he came back home with gold medal in wrestling. When he reached home he was welcomed triumphantly. Sports Minister called him at his bungalow in New Delhi. Satpal, an officer in education department, also went there with Sushil. Satpal felt insulted when the minister had told him something. When media people asked Satpal whether he really felt insulted, he answered them cleverly as if the minister wouldn’t have insulted him. When media people further asked Satpal some questions, he smartly told that they could ask Sushil about the incident because he didn’t want to become the part of minister’s anger.

Satpal claimed himself that he is a coach of Sushil. One of my friends who denied declaring his name told me that Ramphal, a wrestling coach in Chhatarsal stadium, is a coach of Sushil. If it is true it should be probed and searched out the real ‘Guru’ of Sushil so that he might get due credit. It doesn’t look logical whether a man who is on an administrative post will also do work as a coach. Truth must come out of this scandal.

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