Two swords in one sheath

Occasionally we come across such thing that we don’t believe due to our existing knowledge. There is a saying that two swords can’t live in a sheath but I saw something opposite to it when I had been to Udaipur.

Last month I got an opportunity to visit Udaipur. I went to see city palace where anybody can go inside after taking a ticket of rupees fifty. After visiting the whole palace I went to the museum that was also situated inside the palace. The museum had mainly different types of guns and swords. All the weapons were in different size and shapes. While watching them at one place I was amazed to see a special type of sword though there were many different type of swords. That was actually two swords but had one handle. It can be said that they were looking like twins who were attached to each other at some point.

These twin swords have made the adage untrue because it is said that only one sword can live in one sheath. It was the new experience that I got there. Now I am obliged to think that every law and adage can be proved wrong in special circumstances.

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