How Sameer saved the earth

First of all, Sameer saw a bright object in the sky. He was in his father’s laboratory on that day when he was examining the sky by a telescope. All of a sudden he saw the object having a long tail. He understood it was definitely a meteor but couldn’t get which meteor it was. He tried to get the information on computer but in vain. According to computer there was no meteor at that place and time. He jumped out of joy. It meant he had searched out a new meteor. Immediately he kept its name Hunain. After that he told his father, Dr Kabir about Hunain. Kabir saw Hunain and felt amazed.

In real, Sameer had searched out a new meteor named Hunain. Sameer informed about Hunain to the world organization which collects such information’s. Within a day all the organizations which did work in this field had got information about Hunain. Next day all the news channels and news papers of the world released the news about Hunain.

All the scientists of the world reached on this conclusion that there was no history of Hunain found. If it came in to our galaxy it might come seven – eight thousand years BC and it was coming after that now. Meteors are travelers. They have no fix journey. They go far away from our galaxy and return after many thousand years. Hunain might be one of them.

All the scientists were busy in collecting information about it. After many years the scientists of America found that Hunain is the fastest running meteor. It would enter our galaxy by next year. But Kabir’s search had startled every one. According to Kabir, Hunain’s tail is full of inflammable gases; by the burning of its tail even iron could be melted. Having got this knowledge the whole world was gripped in panic. When it would pass near the earth the planet would burn out.

A meeting was called in which scientists from all over the world were invited to solve this major problem, saving the earth. Kabir had also gone there along with Sameer. Every day they held meetings and discussed the matter but no solution was coming out.

One day Sameer said to Kabir, ‘Dad! I will also attend meeting if you like so; I have one solution of the problem.’

Kabir replied, ‘OK. You can accompany me tomorrow.’ Next day in the meeting, Kabir said, ‘He is my son Sameer who searched out Hunain. He had one solution and wanted to tell you about it.’ ‘Sure… Sure…’ all said in one voice, ‘You can tell us. What is the way out of it?’  He said, ‘We know Hunain’s tail is full of inflammable gases which can cause the real danger. If we destroy its tail before its arrival near the earth the planet can be saved. We can send a high speed rocket towards its tail. That rocket can ignite its tail after reaching there. When there is no gas in the tail there will be no danger.’ After some days a rocket was sent in to space. It reached near Hunain in six months and ignited its tail. The tail of meteor was destroyed after burning and the danger on the earth was averted.

Everybody praised the wisdom of Sameer.

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