The fox and the monkey

Once there was a lion named Veer Singh who was the king of a jungle. All the animals were happy in the jungle in its kingdom. Many schemes were being run for the welfare of animals of the jungle by its administration. All the animals were encouraged to go to school and college. Many science colleges and laboratories were established at different places in the jungle to popularize science as a subject.

A monkey, Buddhi Lal worked as a senior scientist in a laboratory in the jungle. He was very intelligent and genius. He had invented many things by his experiments. His inventions made the life of the jungle animals comfortable.

One day Buddhi Lal got an idea to invent such instrument which had still not been invented. He experimented day and night for many years and made a strange type of pistol. There were two triggers in this pistol one was blue in color and another was red. Pressing blue trigger blue color rays came out of the pistol; when red color trigger was pressed red color rays came out.

If blue rays were sprayed on any man or animal he or it was converted in to blue color immediately and couldn’t move his body. He could only see and hear but couldn’t do any type of act as if he would have been converted into a statue. This state remained up to eight hours and after that he came out in to his original condition.

If red rays were beamed on any living or non-living thing he or it would burn out immediately and turned in to heap of ashes. These rays could destroy ships, tanks, arms and ammunition by burning.

One day Buddhi Lal was going home after leaving his laboratory. On the way he was surrounded by foxes with covered faces. A fox said, howling, ‘O, son of monkey, come with us silently otherwise you will be killed.’ The foxes were equipped with dangerous arms. Therefore Buddhi Lal thought, ‘it is not the time to fight with them. If I go with them I will see their den too.’ Having thought it Buddhi Lal went along with them.

The foxes got him into a car and drove away. After about two hours journey they stopped the car at one place, tied a piece of cloth over his eyes and got him out. Then they took him in to a building. After passing many circular corridors they went down to a basement through stairs.

The basement was looking like the imprison cell. There were many types of equipments to torture someone. On a big chair a fat fox was sitting with a goggle on his eyes. He had an electric hunter in his hand and a gun on the shoulder.

The fat fox said, ‘Welcome, Buddhi Lal. You are a great scientist. Forgive me if you got any trouble in the journey. If you hand over me the formula of your new invention I will send you back home safely and also give you ten million dollars. If you refuse my proposal you will be killed by beating and your head will be sent to your king after cutting it.’

Buddhi Lal said courageously, ‘You seem to be a devil. I will not tell you anything. I know you will use this gadget against my nation. I can’t do anything against my jungle.’ Hearing it the fat fox got furious and ordered, ‘Lock up this monkey in a cell and don’t give him anything to eat. If he doesn’t tell about the invention kill him after three days.’ Saying this he went away.

Buddhi Lal smiled at the foolishness of the fat fox. He took out the strange gun from his hat which they couldn’t find out after searching Buddhi Lal. Guards were on the security and had arms. They closed the gate of the basement and locked it up. They sat to take rest.

Buddhi Lal pretended to be asleep and started snoring. Seeing him sleeping the guards were also asleep. When Buddhi Lal found the guards sleeping He took out his strange gun and pressed the blue trigger towards them. In a moment they had been converted in to blue statues. Now they couldn’t harm him. After that Buddhi Lal pressed the red trigger on the lock of the gate. The lock melted in a second as if it was made of wax.

Buddhi Lal went up to the roof of the building through drain pipe. He escaped from the building and went away by jumping from tree to tree. On the way he exploded the enemy’s buildings, radars, arms and ammunition stores. The king of the jungle awarded him with ‘Jungle Ratan’ on his bravery.

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