A horse that disguised as an elephant

In Udaipur I saw some unusual things and one of them was disguised as an elephant. There were some framed pictures having horse with an artificial trunk so that the horse would be seen like an elephant. I had not noticed this unusual thing in the picture but my guide pointed it out. He told me that it was not for the sake of fun but it is a technique to mislead elephants. When an artificial trunk is put on the face of a horse it looks like a mini elephant. When this disguised mini elephant goes in to war the enemy elephant would think that it is also a mini elephant and belong to my community so that the elephant wouldn’t attack the disguised elephant.

On the other side see the nature of man who kills animals as well as his own people. Man has two eyes even then he is blind due to his selfishness. If you are asked who will destroy the planet earth. The answer will be only in one word and the word is ‘man’. Only man corrupts the whole nature of the earth even though he says he is the most intelligent creature in the world. Some men are even daring to say that they are God. Only God will save this earth from these devils disguised as men.

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