Massage in present time

Massage is a procedure used on body. In the process body is rubbed after applying oil on the surface of the body. It is also considered a type of therapy which relieves pain, stiffness of joints and tiredness. Even in the olden times it was used. In Ayurveda massage gets high rank as a part of treatment. Dr Hahnemann also said and recommended massage in Homeopathy. In Allopathy, for it, nothing is said. In India people know a lot about it and use abundantly.

Wrestlers are fond of massage; it is the essential part of their activities. They do it themselves or two wrestlers massage each other. Even most of the Indian love massage and think that it is good for health. When oil is applied on the skin it becomes slippery so that rubbing is done smoothly and there is no fear of rooting out of body hair. Some people prefer head massage to body massage. It is more popular in villages than urban areas.

In metropolitan cities, it has come up with big boon. Massage parlors are being run with stylish name and gadgets. They charge exorbitantly as they are opened for elite class. They provide them ultra modern facilities even in every five star hotel massage facilities are available. Some centers cash this technique under the banner of Ayurveda. Keralite massage has become most popular in India. In Kerala it is attached with tourism too. Tourists come here for its attractions even foreign tourists are also attracted there.

Some people have defamed it as they run some erotic and illegal activities under the banner of massage parlor. They are so daring that they do their advertisement in news papers in disguised manner.

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