Tamilnadu tour – second day

On the second day of our Tamil Nadu trip, we reached Rameswaram in the morning. We chose one hotel where the boy on reception was speaking Hindi well and was near the temple. After taking the room there we went to a ‘Marwari restaurant and ate some North Indian dishes. I enquired about the timings of the temple. The receptionist told me that it would be closed at about 1 pm. and open again at 4 in the evening. It was already noon so I decided to visit first other temples along with a place called Dhanush Koti. This is the place from where Ram Chanderji constructed the bridge on the sea to go to Sri-Lanka. We hired an auto-rickshaw which is the common mode of transport there. He took us to a place which was called Dhanush Koti; it was about 20 kilometer away from the temple and from there we took a four wheeler vehicle to go to the last point of the sea. From that point Sri – Lanka is just 18 kilometers away. Here also people live and it is the last village of Dhanush Koti. Here we found many damaged buildings which came in this situation in 1964 when a cyclone like Sunami appeared there. The whole way was about 500 hundred meter wide and on both sides sea was seen. In that last village I found many wells and all have sweet water. This is called the wonder of nature.

We came back in the same vehicle at the same place from where we hired it. Our auto rickshaw was waiting for us he took us to the place where Ram Chander ji had declared Vibhishan the king of Lanka. There is a temple called Vibhishan temple because in the temple a statue of Vibhishan is also erected at one side. After that we visited some other places like ‘Ran Kund’, ‘Laxman Kund’, ‘Sita Kund’ and Hanuman temple etc. In the last we came back to our hotel and the time was about 6 in the evening.

We went to Rameshwaram temple where we did bath in 23 wells which were inside the temple and came back to hotel to change the dress. Changing the clothes we went to the temple again and took the Darshan of ‘Shiva Linga’. The temple is very large and it has long corridors which are very beautiful. After the Darshan we walked in the market and came back to our hotel. We took our dinner inside the room. After watching a television for sometime we went to bed.

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