Tamil Nadu tour – Fourth day – Ooty

On the fourth day of my trip to Tamil Nadu, the day was Sunday and date was 10th Oct.2010, we reached Coimbatore in the morning by train which we had from Madurai. The train arrived there at its scheduled time that was 7.30 am. We got down it with our bags. We went inside a restaurant which was on the platform and was good in condition so we had had a cup of tea there. I saw one new thing at the station. There was an air-conditioned waiting room for everyone and charge was just fifteen rupees. We came out of the station and searched out the pre hired taxi but I couldn’t find any trace of it so I phoned the driver he told me his cab number. I reached near him and enquired about him then I got into his cab. We went where Mira was standing with luggage. The driver, Murgasan kept our luggage in the trunk and we drove off to Ooty. On the way we found three waterfalls. On the first we stopped and came out of the cab. We can call it river also instead of fall. We went just near the fall and I couldn’t stop myself to enter in to it. We enjoyed there and did photography too. After the mid way Mira felt mild nausea. On the way we had a cup of tea.

We reached our hotel and on the reception I signed on the register. The receptionist handed me over the key of our room and a boy took our luggage to the room. It was really spacious and well cleaned. From the window, a lush green park was seen. I felt relaxed there. The room boy gave us lukewarm water to drink. After taking some rest we took bath in hot water and got ready to go. The cab driver took us to a good restaurant for lunch, where we had had North Indian lunch that was really delicious.

We went to see tea factory where they had shown the full process of making tea leaves. In the last they had the sale counter so I bought a packet of tea leaves. After that we visited a botanical garden which was really very beautiful so we spent some time there. In the garden there were many different varieties of flowers and plants. We did the photography too. Many photographers were offering their services which I didn’t avail.

Our driver, Murgan took us to wax museum where more than thirty wax statues were kept including our present prime minister’s statue. I have not seen such wax museum anywhere in India and neither heard about it but I saw a beautiful and fabulous wax museum in London, known as Madam Tussad. I am happy to see it that an Indian also has courage to do something new.

We went to the highest peak of Ooty that is on the Southern hill and called Doda Betta. The way is motorable so we reached there soon. We saw the whole Ooty from there and went down back to our hotel. The sun was almost set when we reached hotel. In the room we watched an old movie on television. After that we were not interested to go out for dinner so we had had it in the room.

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