Change in education system

The Govt. has planned to change the style of the education. Previously the exams were conducted annually and examination evaluation was based on marks. Now the Govt. wants to implement the semester system and gradation method to tell the performance of the student in the colleges.

Even in the school level too marking of exams has been changed and gradation method adopted. But practically, schools are using dual method; they write marks in evaluated answer sheets but write down grades in the report card of the student. Then what is the fun to change the method except creating confusion in the mind of a student and his parents. Even teachers who award grades themselves don’t understand the real meaning of grades.

Teachers union in the University of Delhi is also protesting against this semester system. They have gone on strike. In its repercussion the university has stopped their salary; so the atmosphere of the university has been tense nowadays.

The teachers are agitated on not releasing the salary. The war is continuing regarding salary in most of the colleges. The full salary has been released only in about a dozen colleges only. There was a strong uproar in Maharaja Agarsain College on Wednesday. The college main gate had been closed even the students had to wait for sometime out of the college.  The principal had to call the police; the police arrested some teachers and took them to New Ashok Nagar police station. A teacher’s leader reached the Ambedkar College and started demanding the principal to release the salary. Deen Dayal College was also in tension that day.

Everyday some new points are being added in the arguments. The war for salary along with semester system controversy is increasing day by day. Actually the university has also adopted a strong attitude towards the issue. It has said clearly that the teachers would have to teach under semester system; those who didn’t accept this order would not get the salary. On the other side DUTA is also adamant and said that the way it was implemented was illegal and would not be accepted.

The university directed the principals of the colleges that those teachers who don’t give undertaking in favor of teaching through semester system, their salary will not be released. The university said every teacher will have to teach approved semester wise syllabus. Those who don’t follow the order, not only their salary are stopped but also the salary which they have drawn after 21st July will be taken back.

It is the education which really makes the back bone of any country. It is a sensitive issue. If the university wants to change its old education system it had better discuss the matter openly with the students, teachers, academicians and even with the scholars among the public so that the fruitful, effective and practical conclusion will have been surfaced out.

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